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About the 30 Hour Telethon for Brockville and District Palliative Care Services

Brockville General Hospital’s Palliative Care Program is comprised of a highly specialized inter-professional team and volunteers who have received training in palliative care. The team provides services to patients in a variety of settings including an inpatient palliative unit, acute care beds, emergency department, Long Term Care facilities, Senior Residences, and in patient’s own homes.

In 1983 a man with a young family lost his wife due to cancer, and he wanted to express his  thanks the Service for the care and support his wife and family had received. The Service they received, originating in 1979 under the auspices of the Sisters of Providence of  St. Vincent de Paul (St. Vincent de Paul Hospital – now integrated with Brockville General Hospital) was a unique innovative hospice program, unfunded by the Ministry and unlike any provincial program available at that time.

To ensure that this service would remain for others in our community, he talked with a group of friends and that idea became the Palliative Care Services Telethon, Brockville. Local TV and Media and the Brockville Musicians Association embraced the idea and in 1984 the first telethon benefiting hospice palliative care services became a reality. Local and district community groups and volunteers came together in support of this first-time endeavour. Out of a family’s grief came a major independent community fundraiser for palliative care services in our local Community, serving 23 communities throughout Leeds & Grenville. We will never forget the original “friends” and the hundreds of volunteers and supporters who continue to make it happen each year.

Palliative Care – Consult Service and Outreach Program

The 30 Hour Telethon continues today, after 36 years to raise funds strictly to support the cost of maintaining this innovative model. Through the Brockville General Hospital’s Palliative Care Program, a consultation and outreach team of specially trained Consult Nurses receive referrals from family physicians, inpatient hospital units, the emergency department, specialist offices, community care providers, and through self-referral.

Collaborating with physicians, the team works together to meet terminally ill patients’ needs through assessments, pain and symptom management, regardless of location. The team helps patients and families through a very difficult experience by assisting them in achieving their goals and wishes regarding death with dignity.

A major share of the cost in keeping this service comes from the generous donations of the community through the 30 Hour Palliative Care Telethon.

Did you know that…

  • The 2019 Telethon raised $225,000 – bringing the total over the past 36 years to $4.00 million dollars to support Hospice Palliative Care services in our community. To date, this service remains largely unfunded by the Ministry and every cent stays local!
  • The 30 Hour Telethon is run entirely by volunteers with no administrative costs. More than 95 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to the operation of this unique service in our community.
  • It is estimated that over 8000 volunteers throughout Leeds & Grenville have contributed time towards the Telethon over the past 36 years.
  • The service operates 24/7 with an annual budget of approximately $640,000.
  • The average case load throughout the year averages 95 to 100 patients at any one time, serving approximately 500 families per year throughout Leeds and Grenville and the surrounding areas.

Please help us to keep this service in our Community by donating to the 30 Hour Palliative Care Telethon!

The communities our Consultant Service and Outreach Program serve :